Table 10. tradeline_status

Values of the tradeline_status field and its mapping to tradeline_open field

Value tradeline_open Description
ACTIVE True Active and nothing past due
PAST_DUE True The applicant currently has past due payments on this tradeline
RESTRUCTURED True The tradeline has been financially restructured
CLOSED False The tradeline has been closed
DEFAULT False The applicant refused to make payments and defaulted
SUIT False There is a law suit currently open regarding this tradeline which may be due to defaulting
SETTLED False The applicant and the creditor have agreed to settle with some agreement to close the tradeline
WRITTEN_OFF False The tradeline was defaulted, got into collections, and is now written off the book from the creditor. The collections were unsuccessful
OTHER There was unexpected behavior with this tradeline. In some cases the tradeline may be open, and in other cases the tradeline may be closed

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