Error Codes & Responses

At Nova we distinguish between two status message deliveries:

  1. Delivered by Nova to the webhook1
  2. If you call a resource endpoint Nova provides a status in the response


The webhook will be called with the following format:

    status: 'SUCCESS',
    publicToken: '6b986690-458b-11e7-98fb-a71570ea65a6',
    userArgs: '235234224'

The Nova Credit webhook will provide one of the following status messages:

Text Description
SUCCESS The applicant has been found in the database overseas. A Nova Credit Passport™ has been generated which you can retrieve with the public_token in the body of this request.
NOT_FOUND The applicant could not be found in the database overseas. There is no Nova Credit Passport™ to retrieve
NOT_AUTHENTICATED The applicant was found but could not be authenticated. There is no Nova Credit Passport™ to retrieve
ERROR An internal error occurred and the Nova Credit Passport™ could not be compiled. Please send a message to with the public_token.

Resource endpoints

When an error occurs while calling the endpoints the Nova servers send back a JSON object with the following format:

    error: 'UNKNOWN_CUSTOMER',
    terminated: true,

The Nova endpoints return the following HTTP status codes and error messages:

Code Text Description
200 - Everything went well and the requested resource is either in the body or in the generic text field depending on the content-type
400 MALFORMED_HEADERS The request headers are incorrectly formatted
400 MISSING_INPUT An input is missing that the endpoint expected
408 REQUEST_TIMEOUT The request timed out
403 UNKNOWN_CUSTOMER The public_id or client_id Nova received in the request from is not recognized
403 UNAUTHORIZED The client_id and secret_key combination is not recognized. Please email support via
403 ORIGIN_UNAUTHORIZED The origin of the request is not whitelisted on the Nova servers for CORS
403 EXPIRED_TOKEN The access_token you're sending in the request headers has expired. Please request a new one
404 INVALID_TOKEN The public_token or access_token is not valid for reasons other than expiration
404 PDF_NOT_FOUND The PDF you're requesting cannot be found when hitting the PDF retrieval endpoint
404 PDF_PENDING The PDF is still being generated and not yet available for review when hitting the PDF retrieval endpoint
500 INTERNAL_ERROR Something went wrong. Please send a note to with additional details so we can investigate

(1) For Nova to inform you that a credit file is ready for pick-up we call a webhook that you provide. The POST call we make contains a status code in it's JSON body. For more information visit the server integration section in our NovaConnect Quickstart guide.

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