Response Parameters

Data Types

Type Description
String Extended character set, numbers and punctuation symbols. This includes non-ASCII language-specific characters such as ß, à, ç, é, and more (all encoded as utf8).
Integer A rounded numerical value.
Float A 64-bit floating decimal point format.
Bool A boolean-flag indicating true or false. Either "0"/"1" or "true"/"false" (case-insensitive).
Object Nested JSON level with more field-values.
Array A value or type array contains a zero or positive amount of elements. The elements can be of any type.

Data Formats

Format Description
Full date (String) UTC ISO 8601 data and time format. Full specs according to RFC 3339. Example: 1982-09-26T32:20:50.52Z
Shortened date (String) UTC ISO 8601 date format. Shorter format in YYYY-MM-DD. Example: 1982-09-26
UUID (String) Universally Unique Identifier according to RFC 4122
URI (String) RFC 3986z
Full Version (String) Semantic versioning.
Percentage (Float, 2 decimal) Formatted in the range of 0 - 100% excluding percentage symbol
Pipe (String) Pipe-delimited string of values. E.g. val1 (Pipe) val2 (Pipe) val3
ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 (String) Three letter country codes. E.g. CAN, MEX, IND
ISO 4217 (String) Three letter currency code. E.g. USD, EUR, INR

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