Tradelines refer to the applicant's previous and current credit-related products, which they've held over the past seven years. Tradelines are returned in an array, can have zero objects and there is no upper bound.

Note that the address will be returned by default using specific keys (street, zipcode, etc) or using the address field if it was returned as a single blob.

Field Format Notes
tradeline_id UUID Reference ID of the tradeline
institution String Name of the lending institution
telephone String
address String The entire address of the lending institution if it was returned in one blob
street1 String
street2 String
neighborhood String
district String
country String
zipcode String
state String
credit_type String See Table 8. credit_type
payment_frequency String See payment_history
original_currency ISO 4217
date_opened Short date
date_last_reported Short date
date_closed Short date
date_first_payment Short date
date_last_payment Short date
last_payment_amount Integer
date_first_payment_history Short date
date_last_payment_history Short date
date_worst_arrears Short date
worst_arrears_amount Short date
date_last_balance_zero Short date
past_due_balance Integer
number_payments_since_open Integer
tradeline_type String See Table 9. tradeline_type
tradeline_status String See Table 10. tradeline_status
responsibility String See Table 11. responsibility
collateralized Bool
tradeline_open Bool
settlement_amount Integer
written_off_amount Integer
account_number String
current_balance Integer
high_balance Integer
opening_balance Integer
credit_limit Integer
sanctioned_amount Integer
installment_amount Integer
installments_at_open Integer
collateral_items Array See collateral_items
payment_history Array See payment_history

Example response from the tradelines array:

    "tradelines": [{
        "tradeline_id": "44dd200a-f404-11e6-bc64-92361f002671",
        "institution": "CITIBANK",
        "telephone": "+912242142602",
        "address": "322 West View Building, Linking Road, Khar West, Mumbai, 400052, Maharashtra",
        "credit_type": "REVOLVING",
        "payment_frequency": "MONTHLY",
        "original_currency": "INR",
        "date_opened": "2012-12-22",
        "date_last_reported": "2017-01-01",
        "date_first_payment": "2011-01-01",
        "date_last_payment": "2016-12-30",
        "date_worst_arrears": "2013-11-14",
        "worst_arrears_amount": "3921",
        "past_due_balance": "0",
        "number_payments_since_open": "62",
        "tradeline_type": 2,
        "tradeline_status": "ACTIVE",
        "tradeline_open": "True",
        "responsibility": "INDIVIDUAL",
        "account_number": "345974563420587453",
        "current_balance": 1104,
        "high_balance": 1502,
        "creditLimit": 4100,
        "payment_frequency": "MONTHLY",
        "collateral_items": [{
            }, {
        "payment_history": [{
            }, {

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