A child to tradelines, collateral_items refer to items that have been posted as collateral. collateral_items are returned in an array, can have zero objects and there is no upper bound.

Field Format Notes
collateral_id UUID
collateral_type String See Table 12. collateral_type
collateral_value Integer
date_valuation Short date
owners_first_name String
vehicle_type String
year_manufacture Integer YYYY
registration_number String
engine_number String
chassis_number String

Example response from the collateral_items array:

        "collateral_id": "e739e41e-f404-11e6-bc64-92361f002671",       
        "collateral_type": "VEHICLE",         
        "collateral_value": 5000,         
        "date_valuation": "2013-09-21",         
        "owners_first_name": "Raj",                
        "year_manufacture": 2009,         
        "registration_number": "87GDS2"

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