Information specific to the applicant's credit score, including both the foreign data supplier’s score, as well as the Nova score. scores are returned in an array, and all elements follow the same structure.

Field Format Notes
score_type String See table 10. score_type
score_version Full version
score_reasons Pipe See table 1. score_reasons
value Integer Value of the score
risk_indicator String
risk_indicator_type String See table 11. risk_indicator_type
prob_default Percentage

Example scores response:

    "scores": [
            "score_type": "FOREIGN_SCORE",
            "score_reasons": "BALANCE_LIMIT_RATIO|DEBT_TOO_HIGH",
            "value": 692,
            "risk_indicator": "LOW_RISK"
            "score_type": "NOVA_SCORE_BETA",
            "score_version": "1.0.5",
            "value": 598,
            "risk_indicator": "MEDIUM_RISK",
            "risk_indicator_type": "DEFAULT",
            "prob_default": 34.12

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