Information specific to the report that's been returned.

Field Format Notes
public_token UUID The unique identifier of this report
requested_product String See table 7. product codes
callback_URL URI The callback URL defined by the integrating partner
callback_url_called_date Full date
created_at Full date The date the credit report was retrieved
country ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 The country the data was retrieved from
company_code String The unique code Nova assigns to their data suppliers
api_version Full version The API version used to generate this report

Example meta response:

    "meta": {
        "public_token": "ff0886a4-f3ff-11e6-bc64-92361f002671",
        "requested_product": "CREDIT_CARD",
        "callback_URL": "",
        "callback_URL_called_date": "2017-01-13T20:15:23.25Z",
        "created_at": "2017-01-13T11:07:46.51Z",
        "country": "IND",
        "company_code": "CHM"
        "api_version": "1.0.1"

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