Inquiries are the credit inquiries that have been performed on the applicant's account over the past seven years. inquiries are returned in an array, can have zero objects and there is no upper bound.

Note that the address will be returned by default using specific keys (street, zipcode, etc) or using the address field if it was returned as a single blob.

Field Format Notes
inquiry_id UUID Reference ID of the inquiry
inquiry_type String See Table 3. inquiry_type
inquiry_value Integer
original_currency ISO 4217 The original currency the values were returned in
inquiry_date Short date
company_name String
telephone1 String
address String The entire address of the lending institution if it was returned in one blob
street1 String
street2 String
neighborhood String
district String
country String
city String
zipcode String
state String

Example of two inquiries within the inquiries array:

    "inquiries": [
            "inquiry_id": "f9609e9e-f404-11e6-bc64-92361f002671",
            "inquiry_type": "CREDIT_CARD",
            "inquiry_value": 5000,
            "inquiry_date": "2016-09-22",
            "company_name": "HSBC INC",
            "telephone": "+913172162721",
            "address": "2212 Highline Building, Lorn Road, Khar East, Mumbai, 400052, Maharashtra"
            "inquiry_id": "08dd0f88-f405-11e6-bc64-92361f002671",
            "inquiry_type": "MORTGAGE",
            "inquiry_value": 100000,
            "original_currency": "INR",
            "inquiry_date": "2016-09-22",
            "company_name": "BANK OF INDIA",
            "telephone": "+915422162934",
            "street1": "168 Hatfield Square",
            "street2": "Shah Road",
            "neighborhood": "Bandra West",
            "district": "Mumbai",
            "zipcode": "400052",
            "state": "Maharashtra"

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