Identifiers is a collection of the applicant’s identification documents on file. identifiers are returned in an array, can have zero objects and there is no upper bound.

Field Format Notes
identifier_id UUID Reference ID of this identity object
identification_type String See Table 14. identifier_type
document_number String
issuer_country ISO 3166-1 alpha-3

Example of the identifiers array:

    "identifiers": [
            "identifier_id": "1e9dbb9a-f407-11e6-bc64-92361f002671",
            "identification_type": "PAN",
            "document_number": "AAA111",
            "issuer_country": "IND"
            "identifier_id": "43830bf4-f407-11e6-bc64-92361f002671",
            "identification_type": "SSN",
            "document_number": "9672817718",
            "issuer_country": "IND"

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