Employers is a history of the applicant’s work experience. employers are returned in an array, can have zero objects and there is no upper bound.

Field Format Notes
employer_id UUID Reference ID of this employer
company_name String
telephone String
address String
street String
neighborhood String
district String
city String
zipcode String
state String
annual_salary Integer
date_started Short date
date_terminated Short date

Supported Countries

Canada (CAN) Great Britain (GBR) India (IND) Mexico (MEX)

Example of the employers array:

    "employers": [
            "employer_id": "682ed21e-f405-11e6-bc64-92361f002671",
            "company_name": "Google Mexico",
            "street": "445 Calle Montes Urales",
            "neighborhood": "Lomas - Virreyes",
            "district": "Ciudad de México",
            "country": "MEX",
            "zipcode": "11000",
            "state": "Ciudad de México",
            "annual_salary": 50000,
            "date_started": "2012-03-01",
            "date_terminated": "2016-11-30"

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